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Award winners

ProjectsCountryOrganisationLevel of governmentSectorShort english description
Educational and Promotional Campaign: Bielsko-Biała Protects the ClimatePolandThe City of Bielsko-Biała, Energy Management OfficeLocal levelotherThe campaign called ‘Bielsko-Biała Protects the Climate’ consists of the educational and promotional activities addressed to the inhabitants of this city to promote the conservation of energy and the environment, planned until 2020.

Award nominees

ProjectsCountryOrganisationLevel of governmentSectorShort english description
Police and Social Media: Reykjavík Metropolitan PoliceIcelandReykjavík Metropolitan PoliceLocal levelcross-sectoralIn its effort to actively distribute information to the general public, the Reykjavík Metropolitan police added social media to its toolkit in December 2010. The Reykjavík metropolitan police (RMP) began utilising social media in its approach to actively distribute information to the public via all types of media, to enhance visibility and increase access to the police.
Reorganisation of Judicial Offices in Italy: the Project of the Monza Court and the Redesign of Voluntary JurisdictionItalyCourt of MonzaLocal levelJustice, police, human rights and securityIn 2009 the Minister of Public Authority, the Minister of Justice and the Regions agreed with the EU on the need for an interregional project called ‘Diffusion of Best Practices in Judicial Offices’, financed under the European Social Fund; 23 regional financial bids were prepared and assigned to 97 Judicial Offices taking part in the project. The Court of Monza is one of these.
The Creation of a New Economic Zone in Southern Luxembourg: Efficient Urban Planning and Social Integration through Cross-Municipal, Cross-Border and Cross-Sectoral CooperationLuxembourgMunicipality of Esch-sur-AlzetteLocal levelRegional policy and development, decentralisationAfter the decline of the steel industry, the Luxembourg government decided in 2000 to implement a decentralisation and diversification policy, shifting part of the public administration and services to the southern region, i.e. to the city of Esch-sur-Alzette, formerly an industrial town that still hosts offices and a production plant of the steel giant ArcelorMittal.
The Programme of Construction and Exchange of Municipal Flats in PoznańPolandBoard of Municipal Housing Resources limited corporation (ZKZL sp. z o.o.)Local levelotherIn its housing resources, Poznań City currently holds 13,100 municipal residential premises rented to inhabitants who cannot afford to buy their own flat. This includes 864 social flats, allocated to families with the lowest income – a growing group due to the economic crisis.

Honorary mentions and Best Practice Certificates

ProjectsCountryOrganisationLevel of governmentSectorShort english description
Vienna Charter: Living the Future TogetherAustriaCity of Vienna, Municipal Department 17, Integration and DiversityLocal levelPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformPeople of all ages, and with different outlooks on life, ethnic backgrounds, professions, and opinions came together to discuss and develop the Vienna Charter. The Viennese themselves chose the topics and participated actively in the development of the Charter. The Vienna Charter is a mutual agreement between all people living in the city.
Improving Administrative Quality: Merging of the Districts of Judenburg and KnittelfeldAustriaDistrict Authority Office ‘Murtal’Local levelPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformIn the framework of this project the existing administrative framework was substantially changed for the first time in Austria since the 19th century. A process model was developed on how to merge two districts, namely Judenburg with some 44,000 inhabitants, and Knittelfeld with some 30,000 inhabitants, and its two district commissions to form one bigger administrative unit.
Co-creating with YoungstersDenmarkMunicipality of BallerupLocal levelPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformAbout 20% of young people in Denmark do not get an education after elementary school. Why is this, and how can we rethink public services? The Municipality of Ballerup and the Innovation Agency FUTU have innovated new services.
Ennis Innovate: Regional Innovation CentreIrelandClare County CouncilLocal levelcross-sectoralEnnis Innovate: Regional Innovation Centre is a collaborative initiative between Clare County Council and a number of key partners in the fields of public administration, education, enterprise, research, technology and community development. The initiative – a unique off-campus enterprise support innovation – provides practical support to entrepreneurs as they navigate the start-up path in order to support business development activity, job creation and the establishment of new businesses in the region.
Together in the NeighbourhoodItalyMunicipality of MilanLocal levelJustice, police, human rights and security‘Together in the Neighbourhood’ is an intervention project, which aims to improve social cohesion and security in the city, by increasing and redefining the role of the ‘vigili di quartiere’ – local police officers working in a specific neighbourhood – with the active participation of the different stakeholders who live and work in Milan’s neighbourhoods.
The ‘Zdolna Dolna’ Partnership as the Incubator of Local Community Development in Szklarska PorębaPolandMunicipal Social Welfare Centre of Szklarska PorębaLocal levelPublic health and social welfare/affairs
Integrated System of Exchanging Municipal Flats in GdańskPolandThe City Hall of GdańskLocal levelPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformThe city of Gdańsk administered 29,000 municipal flats at the beginning of the programme in December 2004. The Flat Exchange Office established in the Municipal Real Property Board of Gdańsk implements the integrated flat exchange system.
E-Ticket within the Electronic City CardPolandThe City Hall of RybnikLocal levelTransport and infrastructure‘e-Ticket within the Electronic City Card’ is the first component of a larger project: ‘Electronic City Card and Public Internet Access Points in the City of Rybnik’.
Simplis: Lisbon Simplification ProgrammePortugalMunicipality of LisbonLocal levelPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformBack in July 2008, Lisbon Municipality launched its simplification programme ‘Simplis’, a new impulse for the city: with that, a new age of delivering efficient services to the citizens began. This is a yearly programme, built with the participation of several levels of the organisation, from the elected to road menders; and all levels of the civil society, from structural organisations to individual citizens.
Local Telecare Service of the Barcelona Provincial Council and the Municipalities of the Barcelona ProvinceSpainBarcelona Provincial Council- Area of Services for CitizensLocal levelPublic health and social welfare/affairsBarcelona Provincial Council (BPC) is an intermediate local authority, which supports municipalities through technical and economic assistance. The Local Telecare System (SLT) was created in 2005 in the framework of BPC’s Local Home Assistance Network and it has grown progressively from its 3,800 initial users to its current 61,000 in 310 municipalities.
BiscayTIKSpainBiscayTIK FoundationLocal levelPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformThe BiscayTIK Foundation was created by the Regional Government of Biscay in order to modernise the computer systems in local administrations in Biscay. The Region of Biscay with high numbers of users and penetration rates relating to information society was the ideal context for an e-Administration.
GOTA2020SpainMunicipality of GotarrenduraLocal levelScience, research, innovationThis project is about activities which have been put into practice in the area of the Municipality of Gotarrendura (Province of Ávila) in recent years, and which resulted in a considerable improvement of life of the local population as a measure of sustainable development which has been executed from 2005 onwards.
More Than One StorySwedenDepartment of Culture and Leisure of the Municipality of SimrishamnLocal levelSports, youth, culture and artTogether with secondary school students and some adult volunteers, the staff of the youth centre, part of the Department of Culture and Leisure of the Municipality of Simrishamn, Sweden, developed More Than One Story, a practical method of working actively towards integration, understanding, healthy curiosity and respect between people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.
LOTSSwedenMunicipality of HultsfredLocal levelcross-sectoralLOTS is a model to spread responsibility and knowledge throughout the organisation, to create lots of possible ways for companies to get help, support and guidance from the municipality. This means that the officials need to have a wider knowledge about the different areas covered by the municipality, as well as about conditions of running a company.
Youth SquareSwedenMunicipality of UmeåLocal levelEmployment, labour related affairs and gender equalityYouth Square (Ungdomstorget) started as a project in 2009, and has proved to make an impact. Youth Square aims to identify and improve quality of services delivered to young adults on their way to studies and employment.
Economic Development Funding StrategyUnited KingdomAberdeen City CouncilLocal levelPublic administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reformThe objective of this project is to do more with less, for the Economic and Business Development team of Aberdeen City Council to achieve as much as and even more than in previous years, but with a vastly reduced budget.
No Ifs. No Butts.United KingdomCity of London CorporationLocal levelcross-sectoralThe City of London Corporation has created an effective, integrated initiative which reduces smoking-related litter (SRL) in cities and high footfall areas. The ‘No ifs. No butts’ (NINB) initiative has delivered significant improvements in the quality of local environment and cleansing efficiency in the City of London for the benefit of citizens, commerce and tourism.
The North Dorset Model of Community PlanningUnited KingdomNorth Dorset District CouncilLocal levelotherThe North Dorset model of community planning won the award as the Best in Britain in 2010. It demonstrates a long-term investment in supporting communities to build strong and sustainable community partnerships.

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