From EPSA - European Public Sector Award

  1. BQ-Portal – The Information Portal for Foreign Professional Qualifications
  2. Bibliotek 2007 / Library 2007
  3. Civil society involvement in the welcoming and integration of immigrants - The case of Portugal
  4. Cologne participatory budget
  5. Demographischer Wandel als Managementaufgabe auf Kreisebene
  6. Development of Wellbeing and Civil Safety in Municipalities
  7. E-Government Program of the Belgian Social Security
  8. Educational and Promotional Campaign: Bielsko-Biała Protects the Climate
  9. Every Child Safe Forever (ECSF project) – The Development of Relentless Family Case Management and the End of Parole and Other Court Orders
  10. Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service “Changing Working Patterns”
  11. Groeipakket
  12. Improving Police Visibility and Effectiveness via Mobile Data
  13. Kulturverket: “Kids tell pros what to do”
  14. Management in Sant Cugat city hall budgeting the strategy: A new deal between political management and politic leadership
  15. Nordwärts
  16. Oldham Partnership
  17. Open.Heart Project
  18. Political management based on economic stringency and strategic budgets
  19. ROOFTOP GARDENS: growing greens for social inclusion
  20. Regional platform of e-services for all- e-Bourgogne
  21. SIMPLEX+ Program
  22. Strategic partnership for the improvement of the situation of the Roma population in Bucharest
  23. The Compass of Transparency
  24. The Cooperation Fund
  25. Urban Environment and Health
  26. Ökokauf Wien - Ecobuy Vienna

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