Upper Austrian Winter Sport Week

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The Upper Austrian Winter Sports Week is a pilot project of the platform ‘school and snow sports’ based on an innovative e-Voucher system to counteract the following trends:

  • lack of exercise and sports activities during the compulsory education years;
  • sinking number of participants in ski courses due to costs and little relation of parents’ and pupils’ with skiing;
  • decreasing numbers of teachers trained to teach ski course groups;
  • winter sport is of high economic significance for areas in Upper Austria that lack infrastructure. The absence of winter sportsmen/women would deprive many inhabitants in the valleys and outskirts in this region of their livelihoods.

Since 2009, the state of Upper Austria provides all participating pupils from Upper Austrian schools – and since the 2013 winter season, also kindergarten children – with a voucher for each winter season, to make children more familiar with skiing and snowboarding while reducing the financial burden of winter sports for parents/legal guardians. This voucher allows the free use of lift-type services (lifts, cable cars) in Upper Austrian ski regions in connection with a winter sports week, or schools’ winter sports days.

The simple online process of filing an application from the school side, as well as the easy processing of the cost reduction from the side of the ski region led to highly positive responses, a reduction of administrative work, and thus substantial savings (personnel, postage, etc.). Furthermore, it is possible to consistently evaluate the funding required. Each voucher has an individually generated EAN-Code which guarantees its validity. The ski region concerned deals with the deductions and the redeemed vouchers online by feeding them into the system via a hand scanner. In turn, the redeemed voucher is automatically credited and becomes void. On the first of every month the e-Billing is automatically carried out and the payment process is activated at the Upper Austrian authorities. The EAN-codes guarantee that every voucher can only be redeemed once.

Thanks to this initiative, the number of participants in ski courses rose by over 20%. In particular the customer-friendly online process, which was developed together with partners, and the little administrative effort required, are seen as success criteria. The e-Government solution facilitates exact documentation and statistical analyses. The increased demand for accommodation also led to investments in hotels.

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Award category: weathering the storm. creative solutions in a time of crisis - regional level
Award type: nominee
Award year: 2013
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Sector: cross-sectoral
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Keywords: e-Government, Upper Austrian sports week, online application, cooperation with the platform school and snow sport, voucher system
Short English description: The Upper Austrian Winter Sports Week is a pilot project of the platform ‘school and snow sports’ based on an innovative e-Voucher system to counteract several trends.
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Organisation: Regional Government of Upper Austria, Directorate for Education and Society, Family Affairs Department
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Level of government: regional level
Size of organisation: 1-25
Number of people involved: 1-5
Country: Austria
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
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