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Borne is a municipality in the province of Overijssel in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. It has 21,500 inhabitants, living in three population centres: Borne, Zenderen and Hertme. With ‘Mijn Borne 2030’, civil society organisations and citizens determine the future development of the community of Borne. The objective is to create a widely shared vision as a starting point for joint action. In 2001, the municipal assembly of Borne established a vision for the community of Borne. In 2010, this vision needed an update. The council and assembly decided to delegate this responsibility to civil society organisations. Twenty organisations (entrepreneurs, housing corporations, district representatives, health care, sports, education, youth and elderly people) took on this challenge and formed a steering committee regiegroep. The steering committee is responsible for organising an interactive process with the community of Borne leading to a new vision for, by and of the community. With this process, the project ‘Mijn Borne 2030’ reaches the highest rung on the participation ladder: delegated power. This is unique in the Netherlands; it’s the first time that this level of participation has been reached when creating a vision for the community as a whole.

The process consists of six steps: 1. a trend report, 2. identity study, 3. formulating ambitions by citizens, 4. formulating scenarios, 5. election of the preferred scenario by citizens and 6. draw up and determine the new vision ‘Mijn Borne 2030’.

The trend report was written with the help of local and regional experts on health, well-being, community building, spatial planning, housing, economics, entrepreneurship, governance and sustainable development. To determine the identity of the community, research was carried out by the University of Twente. Over 200 inhabitants returned the questionnaire. Citizens were invited to take part in one of the 27 workshops to determine the most important ambitions for the community in 2030. In total 470 people contributed to these workshops and over 400 people completed the (online) questionnaire. With these three building blocks, the steering committee created four scenarios for the community. In April 2011 elections were organised by the steering committee to establish the preferred scenario. All of the municipality’s inhabitants (aged 15 and above) have the right to vote. Once the new vision is established (June 2011), it will be presented to the steering group for confirmation.

How the results of the process will be embedded in future activities will be part of the process. The most important part is using the knowledge, energy and goodwill of the empowered community to reach the shared goals. In their initial decision the municipal assembly has indicated they will adjust government policies according to the new vision. During the whole process (social) media have been used to support interaction. Youtube, Twitter, Hyves and Linkedin add to the classic local and regional media. The process is being evaluated by the University of Twente. The goal of this research is to learn from this unique participation process and make the lessons learned transferable. The results will be disseminated by KISS (knowledge institute urban society).

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Award category: opening up the public sector
Award type: nominee
Award year: 2011
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Sector: Public administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reform
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Keywords: Delegated power, joint vision, public participation, social media, social innovation
Short English description: The objective is to create a widely shared vision as a starting point for joint action.
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Organisation: Municipality of Borne
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Level of government: local level
Size of organisation: >100
Number of people involved: >15
Country: Netherlands
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