Luxembourg's open data portal project

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Luxembourg’s open data portal project

Over the decades a huge amount of interesting information, either analog or in digital form, has been gathered, processed - and kept hidden in the Luxembourg government’s shelves and data storages. Due to numerous good and bad reasons, Luxembourg's public administrations were never particularly fond of mutual exchanges or data sharing in general.

The multiple benefits that can be expected from re-using openly announced, well documented and easily accessible information, became visible when a decade ago Luxembourg's geoportal offered cross-thematic geodata from many different public sector providers, and also implemented technologies to make this data accessible and usable by humans and machines alike. The time was ripe for the government to head for a new principle of data and information availability in general, and aim at implementing a framework for public sector information and data, comprising a dedicated central platform, corresponding technology, policies, roadmaps and awareness raising efforts.

From 2015 a group of experts from key stakeholder organisations started working on a national central platform dedicated to hosting, displaying and delivering open data. While this national portal was being built in an inter-ministerial collaborative effort, the main elements of a general national open data strategy were defined in order to cover other aspects: metadata, licenses, portal, tags, anonymisation, awareness raising, re-uses, evaluation...

Other decisive steps towards the setting up of the entire framework were:

• the creation of a new division dedicated to open data and access to information at the State ministry / Information and Press Service and the appointment of a data and transparency expert as head of this division,

• the creation of a national working group on open data strategy, involving decision makers from Information and Press Service, Department of media, telecommunications and digital policy, the Government IT centre CTIE, the geoportal service, as well as other key players from the public sector,

• the hosting of the open data portal, ensuring a high availability and technically competent daily operation of the platform,

• a yearly study of the possible impact of open data in Luxembourg.

Other important aspects are

• an ongoing awareness raising process aiming at convincing public sector decision makers to join the open data and transparency movement, to provide data, metadata and documents to the portal on the one hand, and to use available open data in their daily work,

• collaborative events to promote the use of available open data, also in Public-Private Partenership (PPP) mode,

• thematic working groups, giving opportunity to data experts to express their needs on behalf of data sets, to address data quality issues and to network on theme-related topics,

• the participation at international screenings like the yearly European data portal landscaping exercise or the OECD monitoring,

• the international collaboration, also at the level of the open source udata project, which is the technical basis of Luxembourg’s open data portal,

• a 5 year roadmap highlighting the steps for the coming years,

• links to the government transparency law (loi du 14 septembre 2018 relative à une administration transparente et ouverte) to foster the opening up of digital datasets linked to documents published under the new law.

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Award category: new solutions to complex challenges - a public sector citizen-centric, sustainable and fit for the future - european or national level
Award type: submission
Award year: 2019
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Sector: Public administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reform
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Keywords: open data, transparency, access to information
Short English description: From 2015 a group of experts from key stakeholder organisations started working on a national central platform dedicated to hosting, displaying and delivering open data.
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Organisation: Service information et presse
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Level of government: national level
Size of organisation: 1-25
Number of people involved: 1-5
Country: Luxembourg
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