FremKom – Future Competencies in Northern Jutland

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“FremKom is a success”. This was the conclusion of an evaluation of FremKom made by Rambøll Management Consulting. FremKom is a Danish contraction of “Labour and competence needs of the future”. The project was initiated in 2007 by the North Denmark Growth Forum and supported by the North Denmark Regional Council. Their wish was to provide research on labour market trends, especially to ensure that the labour force will have the necessary competencies to meet the demands and requirements of the companies in the future and thereby secure growth in the region.

Growth Forum is a partnership-based regional forum joining together partners from the regional council, municipal councils, labour markets stakeholders and educational and knowledge institutions. Growth Forum is a strategic forum responsible for prioritising the European structural funds.

The FremKom collaboration was set up as a strategic cross-cutting cooperation between many different stakeholders representing the entire geographical region. The project is organised in a triple helix organisation, with stakeholders from the educational system, the employment system and the business system which is essential for the success of the project.

FremKom is a project whose strategic aim is to focus on which competence needs in Northern Jutland are relevant now and 5 years ahead. The FremKom cooperation is built upon three phases:

  1. Analysis – gaining new knowledge about competence needs of the future.
  2. Debate and dialogue – based on the results of the analysis both regionally and locally.
  3. Initiatives – to support the activities and initiatives which emerge from the previous debate and dialogue.

The core in FremKom is therefore a strong cross-disciplinary collaboration, which creates a strategic knowledge platform, which enables the stakeholders to visualise the future challenges and act upon them individually or jointly by recommendations to the political system. Furthermore, the public sector is under heavy financial pressure and the FremKom cooperation organises this involvement and analysis through relatively small budgets.

The evaluation of Rambøll shows that the results of FremKom are well known to strategic stakeholders in the North Denmark Region and actively used by them. In order to do so, FremKom’s role as a politically independent project is underlined by respondents. Because the analysis is considered neutral, FremKom’s results are perceived as being highly credible and trustworthy. This gives FremKom increased impact and enables FremKom to act as a shared and uniting framework for discussing competences.

Based on the results of the FremKom analyses, a number of additional analyses were carried out, e.g. within the construction sector, where the FremKom analysis showed that there would be a shortage of labour. Consequently a number of initiatives and projects have been set up, such as ”Qualification for new jobs”. This was a project supported by Growth Forum where educational courses were set up for unemployed people within areas which match the needs of the labour market according to FremKom.

The project ”Co-operation and Partnership” was a regional project, whose purpose was to upskill employees with a short education in SME’s based on the results from the FremKom analysis.

The FremKom analysis is also used when planning educational courses and used in the context of education and guidance. The FremKom collaboration contributes to a cross-sectoral co-operation for putting competence development on the agenda in the North Denmark Region.

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Award category: the public sector as partner for a better society - cross-cutting
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Award year: 2015
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Sector: cross-sectoral
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Keywords: Stakeholder involvement, competence development, innovative cooperative, employment, regional development, growth
Short English description: FremKom is a Danish contraction of “Labour and competence needs of the future”. The project was initiated in 2007 by the North Denmark Growth Forum and supported by the North Denmark Regional Council.
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Organisation: North Denmark Region
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Level of government: regional level
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