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In the framework of an in-depth reform of the public procurement system in Albania and, concretely, in the framework of measures towards increasing transparency and fighting against corruption, the Public Procurement Agency – in collaboration with the component ‘Reform in Public Procurement’, of the Millennium Challenge Threshold Agreement Programme for Albania, and managed by USAID – has set up an electronic procurement system. This system has brought great improvements, such as increasing transparency and efficiency, and reducing corruption. The electronic procurement platform is a web-based application, supporting the automation of all the Albanian contracting authorities. This system enables secure transactions among Albanian public institutions as well as the national and international business community. It offers a secure, efficient and transparent preparation and administration of all tender-related documents, eliminating unnecessary paperwork and providing secure dataflow throughout the entire process. All the tender documents from contract notice to winner notice and further to the notice of the signed contract are available in the electronic public procurement system (on thewebsite Moreover, all the transactions, starting from the download of documents till the moment of bidding by electronic means, may be done at anytime and wherever the economic operators are, with all these transactions being free of charge.

The eProcurement system was a totally new system for both the Albanian public administration and the business community. Its implementation therefore required a good strategy aiming at achieving a successful process and good results. This system was first implemented in Albania in 2008, when the first phase of the electronic procurement system (EPS) implementation plus a testing phase wer considered. For these reasons a restricted number of Contracting Authorities were selected that had both the required technical and administrative capacities. In fact, there were 15 Contracting Authorities that performed their procurement procedures through the eProcurement system. Considering the results achieved during 2008, (cost savings, increased number of bidders, etc.), and after some necessary improvements, a Decision of Council of Ministers at the beginning of 2009 stated that all Contracting Authorities in Albania should perform their procurement procedures through the eProcurement system. This marked the second phase of the implementation of EPS, during which it was 100% functional. This system makes it possible to electronically perform all kind of procedures, except the ‘negotiation without prior publication’ procedure and small value procurement (the value of such a type of procedure is up to €3000).The Albanian Government was the main initiator of this system, and at the same time the main stakeholder.

The Contracting Authorities and Economic Operators were directly affected by this system in their everyday activities in the public procurement sector. They made it functional by using it, and at the same time they profited from its benefits. Also the citizens were very interested in this system, as it assures a transparent procurement process leading directly to cost savings, which indirectly affect their personal finances. The EPS reduces the application time, eliminates unnecessary documents, as well as facilitating and standardising the process of introduction with the tender conditions. The system also provides for greater participation of the economic operators, making the process more competitive and more efficient.

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Award category: smart public service delivery
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Award year: 2011
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Keywords: Electronic public procurement system
Short English description: Electronic public procurement system supporting the automation of all the Albanian contracting authorities.
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Organisation: Public Procurement Agency
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