Digitalization of the Social elections

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In Luxembourg, any undertaking, whatever the nature of its business, its legal form and its area of business shall be required to arrange for staff delegates to be appointed if the prescribed threshold is reached. Thus, the setting up of a staff delegation relates not only to commercial companies but also, for example, to foundations, the liberal professions, not-for-profit activities, etc. Public employers are also affected where they employ, under an employment contract, at least 15 employees who are subject to labor law and are not covered by a public-law status.

Any employer employing, during the 12-month period at least 15 staff bound by an employment contract has to have a staff delegation in place.

Social elections take place every 5 years on a date set by the Minister of Labor in a ministerial order. the period to be taken into account for calculating the number of employees working in the undertaking went from 1 February 2018 to 31 January 2019.

These elections are supervised by the Inspection du Travail et des Mines (ITM- Labor Inspectorate); meaning that companies have to exchange with the ITM.

The objective of the project consists in the realization of the platform "Social Election":

This projects offers advantages for the companies and for the ITM.

The new provisions on social elections indicate that the following five administrative steps had henceforth to be done by electronic means via the interactive and secure electronic platform

a) election notice concerning organizational arrangements for social elections;

b) notice concerning the time limit for complaints about electoral lists;

c) disclosure of candidates;

d) declaration of the results of electoral operations;

e) declaration of the functions of the staff delegation.

On one hand, the simplification and the digitalization of different administrative procedures that companies had to do in order to exchange with the labor inspectorate was definitely an advantage for the companies themselves more efficient, more rapid, providing a alignment in the different templates....

On the other hand, it offers to the ITM the possibility to organize and provide accurate results the day after the election on the website( ^.

Results were provided up to date, with different views : national, per economical sectors or on the level of a company.

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