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'Malopolska 2020 - unlimited opportunities - unlimited debate' - regional public discussion on the malopolska region development strategy for 2011-2020 +Opening up the public sector  +
3000 Ambassadors for Road Safety +Weathering the storm. creative solutions in a time of crisis - european and national level  +
A Root and Branch Reformation of a Organisation´s Business Model +New solutions to complex challenges - regional level  +
A Wealth of Ideas – IdéRiget +The public sector as partner for a better society - european, national and regional level  +
A day 'Never to forget' +Citizen involvement  +
A fair deal - Electronic charging orders +Smart public service delivery  +
A new deal for administrative leadership in the renewed flemish government administration +Leadership and change  +
A new planning, programming, control system of Pescara Province +Scarce resources  +
A process - oriented organisational chart: A new path, reflecting our daily business +Leadership and change  +
A small central european town in the storm of the economical depression +Smart public service delivery  +
A step change - Aberdeen city council's leadership for a low-carbon economy +Going green  +
A.U.G.E +Leadership and change  +
ACCESS-Toulouse: Alliance for Children’s Citizenship and Education based on Social diversity towards Success +New solutions to complex challenges - supra-local and local level  +
ACT - ACT for competence in training +Smart public service delivery  +
AGMA Agency Staff Procurement Project +Scarce resources  +
ALF (Child Benefit without Application) +The public sector as partner for a better society - european, national and regional level  +
ARHiNET +Opening up the public sector  +
ARPIA +Going green  +
About People with People - Award for Local Democracy Support and Cooperation with NGOs +Collaborative governance  +
Accréditation des services d'inspection de la direction générale de l'alimentation +Scarce resources  +
Achieving readiness for prompt recovery of orphan radioactive sources +Going green  +
Action Programme for Large Families – Three Plus Family +The public sector as partner for a better society - supra-local and local level  +
Action strategy +Partnership working  +
Actions against economic crisis +Opening up the public sector  +
Administration of public funds allocated for environmental protection and water management using priority programmes +Going green  +
Administrative Reform in Hungary: One-Stop-Shop Government Windows as the Initiation of Equal Access to Public Services +The public sector as partner for a better society - european, national and regional level  +
Administrative consultation project +Public service delivery  +
Advanced techniques to provide efficient services to citizens in conditions of maximum security +Smart public service delivery  +
Agora +Citizen involvement  +
Aida 2009 +Public service delivery  +
Air traffic service provider +Public service delivery  +
Airborne Laserscanning in den Ländern - Hochgenaue Geländemodelle für Umweltschutz und Raumordnung +Scarce resources  +
Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 +New solutions to complex challenges - supra-local and local level  +
Alise - Kommunal im CNC – Gemeinden - i–Services für BürgerInnen in Kärntner Gemeinden +Collaborative governance  +
All in one - One-stop-shop for Citizens +Public service delivery  +
AlpCity +Collaborative governance  +
Altena - eine Stadt für alle Generationen +Demographic change  +
Ambient assisted living +Smart public service delivery  +
An administration for all - Strategic modernisation plan of the administration of castilla and leon 2008-2011 +Opening up the public sector  +
An innovative Anti Fraud System +Collaborative governance  +
Analysis and reorganisation by processes +Opening up the public sector  +
Andalusian Health e-Library +Weathering the storm. creative solutions in a time of crisis - regional level  +
Angels & Dragons +Scarce resources  +
AntON-DigiKo Anträge Online NRW - Ausgabe von Chipkarten für den Einsatz im digitalen Kontrollgerät +Scarce resources  +
Application of the lean organisation principle in Treviso chamber of commerce +Public service delivery  +
Asker WelfareLab +New solutions to complex challenges - supra-local and local level  +
Atrium +Partnership working  +
Aubau einer gemeinsamen Geodatenbasis zwischendem Land OÖ und den Gemeinden in OÖ (Einreichkategorie "Gemeinsam Handeln") +Collaborative governance  +
Audio - internal audit for local government organisations +Smart public service delivery  +
Aufbau Buchungszentrum +Scarce resources  +
Aufbau der Geodateninfrastruktur Rheinland Pfalz - GeoPortal.rlp und WebGIS.rlp-CD +Collaborative governance  +
Aufbau regionales Geodatencenter und operative Zusammenarbeit der Vermessungsämter Hornen und Thalwil +Collaborative governance  +
Austrian Business Service Portal (BSP) +Weathering the storm. creative solutions in a time of crisis - european and national level  +
Austrian nanotechnology action plan - stakeholder process +Opening up the public sector  +
Available Cinema +The public sector as partner for a better society - european, national and regional level  +
B 19 neu Immenstadt - Kempten und Hochwasserschutz Obere Iller im Bereich des Seifener Beckens (nördlich von Immenstadt im Allgäu) +Collaborative governance  +
BIS - Budget information system +Smart public service delivery  +
BQ-Portal – The Information Portal for Foreign Professional Qualifications +The public sector as partner for a better society - european, national and regional level  +
BQC - Benchmarking quality circles for local public services +Smart public service delivery  +
Barcelona province - support for the internationalisation of local governments +Smart public service delivery  +
Becoming a single juridical entity +Public service delivery  +
Benchmark management of central government +Public service delivery  +
Benchmark policy +Public service delivery  +
Beratung der Geschäftsführung der Arbeitsgemeinschaften +Scarce resources  +
Bernradio - Swisscom maritime communication +Opening up the public sector  +
Best organisation (BEST) +Leadership and change  +
Best practice of alien procedure +Smart public service delivery  +
Better Place +The public sector as partner for a better society - supra-local and local level  +
Better access to advance payments for the beneficiaries of the polish operational programme innovative economy 2007-2013 +Smart public service delivery  +
Better administrative service through electronic government +Smart public service delivery  +
Better and more in public administration +Citizen involvement  +
Bewohner-Service – Beratung . Begegnung . Beteiligung +Demographic change  +
Bibliotek 2007 / Library 2007 +Scarce resources  +
Birmingham city council business transformation programme +Smart public service delivery  +
BiscayTIK +Weathering the storm. creative solutions in a time of crisis - supra-local and local level  +
Bites Programme +Going green  +
Blended learning in the selection and placement process +Smart public service delivery  +
Books on the way! The postal deIivery service by the public libraries of Graz +Public service delivery  + MyPage - Joint development and reuse of key infrastructure components resulting in cost saving and a better, more personal, user experience +Smart public service delivery  +
Bouwen aan Brieven / Improving letters +Opening up the public sector  +
Brabo: Management by objectives +Leadership and change  +
Bridging the gap - Intermediate care service, county roscommon +Opening up the public sector  +
Briding the gap between biomedical science and public decision-making +Public service delivery  +
Bringing administration closer to citizen - Audiences' programme - The county council from your neighbourhood/village/house +Opening up the public sector  +
Bringing the Gothenburg and Lisbon principles to the attention of pupils in secondary education +Citizen involvement  +
Budget citizens' forum +Opening up the public sector  +
Bulgarian Counter-Undervaluation Methodology +New solutions to complex challenges - european or national level  +
Bureaucratic simplification of social assistance +Smart public service delivery  +
Bündnis für Familie Oberösterreich (Alliance for family) +Partnership working  +
Bürgerhaushalt Berlin-Lichtenberg +Scarce resources  +
Büro für Zukunftsfragen, kurz Zukunftsbüro (ZuB) +Collaborative governance  +
C!YOU-START-LEARNING@HAMBURG:Online self-assessment service to assist carrer orientation +Public service delivery  +
CH@UN: Web-basierte Plattform für verwaltungsweite Konsultation und Konsolidierung von offiziellen schweizerischen Positionen +Scarce resources  +
CKI - Coordination and information centre +Smart public service delivery  +
Calderoni online database framework +Citizen involvement  +
Car tax payment service through internet banking and atm cash machines +Partnership working  +
Celebrating the 9th may - National and European values +Opening up the public sector  +
Centralised system of acceptance, registration and investigation of consumer complaints +Citizen involvement  +
Centre Services aux Citoyens +Scarce resources  +