The management strategy of fundación comunidad Valenciana - región Europea

From EPSA - European Public Sector Award


In 2003 the Valencia government decided to create a specific organisation to train stakeholders and social leaders to adapt to changes, called Fundación Comunidad Valenciana Región Europea (hereinafter FCVRE). FCVRE is a living strategic plan that adapts itself to challenges resulting from globalisation and other aspects. During this time, the region faced a big challenge as it was shifting from Object 1 of the Structural Funds to a new category of more developed regions, which had to be integrated in the new Objective of Competitiveness and Employment. FCVRE was created to help this transition, in order to inform the stakeholders about how to follow European legislation and obtain new funds for direct participation.

The aim is to promote EU policies and actions and foster the participation of a wide range of regional stakeholders in European affairs and projects. FCVRE will offer assistance to the competences of the Valencia Autonomous Government Council regarding its policies related, inter alia, to agriculture, water and sustained development, research, development and innovation.

The management strategy of FCVRE as a participation, development and job-creation tool in the Valencian Region has been a subject of study for other European regions with a high degree of development and competitiveness. These regions consider FCVRE as a case of sustainable successful management and a possible paradigm to promote involvement at local level and to increase regional competitiveness. Likewise, FCVRE promotes the benchmarking of its methodology and spreads enriching exchanges by participating in different forums related to European policies and by managing different funding programmes, inside and outside the EU. Since interregional cooperation and training are regarded as top priorities within FCVRE, other regional offices are offered the possibility to exchange staff and training workers from other regional bodies in order to improve the development of the region. Until now, more than 280 people from different countries have been working for FCVRE in several departments to collaborate with different stakeholders and organisations and have received training in European affairs.

This high level of participation in European projects has made the Valencian region one of the leaders in attracting European eco-technology funds. This year, the innovative nature of the management model of FCVRE has been ranked among the top 5 regional representations, from among 256 offices in Brussels. In 2008, FCVRE was nominated for the European Agenda Awards 2008. In sum, one of the main results has been the exchange of staff that has proved highly beneficial for all parties. Over the last year, more than 280 professionals, students and trainees from 25 different regions have worked at the Office, which boasts a multicultural environment where people from different nationalities and regions work together and help to materialise European projects.

The management strategy of fundación comunidad Valenciana - región Europea (50.8419867° N, 4.3851251° E)
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