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'Malopolska 2020 - unlimited opportunities - unlimited debate' - regional public discussion on the malopolska region development strategy for 2011-2020 +Using communication tools resulted in MRDS consultations within the framework of a multi-platform regional debate about the future of Malopolska, lasting several months.  +
3000 Ambassadors for Road Safety +A survey from the beginning of 2012 on road accidents in Italy showed that 13.5% of the foreign-born driving population (estimated at 2.7 million people) is involved in road accidents – the Egyptian, Peruvian and Albanian communities being those most affected. This led to an investigation of the reasons behind the statistics, and a study on what actions could be taken to curb the phenomenon, while also making an impact on the integration of foreign-born residents in the fabric of Italian society.  +
A Root and Branch Reformation of a Organisation´s Business Model +The Region of Crete, in a challenging endeavour to reform the services provided by the Directorate of Transport and Communications (DTC), developed a Strategic Plan that outlines the main steps towards the utilisation of an organisational change management process. This comprehensive approach has been steered by a set of solid work ethics: Quality of Service, Transparency and Efficiency. Key enablers of this project, such as regional leadership, civil servants, strategic partners and citizens, were effectively empowered. Through their involvement, a value-added cooperation paradigm was formed.  +
A Wealth of Ideas – IdéRiget +With the innovation programme A Wealth of Ideas “IdéRiget”, Rigshospitalet set out on a new course, i.e. to make the obvious move to boost public sector innovation by inviting frontline staff to come forward with their innovative ideas.  +
A day 'Never to forget' +The main aim of the project was to gain more insight into the problems and environment of citizens with severe (social and financial) problems  +
A fair deal - Electronic charging orders +This is an online system which enables the HSE to apply electronically to register a Charging Order against the interest of a citizen in receipt of Ancillary State Support under the Nursing Homes Support Scheme, which is better known as ‘A Fair Deal’.  +
A new deal for administrative leadership in the renewed flemish government administration +The project serves the broader BBB-goal, the vision of contributing in a convincing and powerful way to sustainable wealth and well-being for the entire Flemish population by implementing a proactive and effective policy for citizens, companies and organisations  +
A new planning, programming, control system of Pescara Province +organisational reform based on NPM principles  +
A process - oriented organisational chart: A new path, reflecting our daily business +The CAF action plan identified that CEO needs to draw up a mew organisational chart with a better overview of its functions and responsibilities  +
A small central european town in the storm of the economical depression +The most important success is that the Municipality has no debt and each year they can ensure own contribution to the investments. So they have money for further development and they can perform their public services fully.  +
A step change - Aberdeen city council's leadership for a low-carbon economy +The Aberdeen City Council takes seriously the European Union signals regarding the environment and in particular Climate Change.  +
A.U.G.E +The project’s objective is to be sustainable, imitable, understandable (fairness and transparency for the employees) and self-financing or even cost-reducing  +
ACCESS-Toulouse: Alliance for Children’s Citizenship and Education based on Social diversity towards Success +The Toulouse City Council (TCC) is a recognised municipality in France in the field of education, since municipal decision of June 2001 of creating in each municipal school one leisure and educative centre associated to the school (CLAE).  +
ACT - ACT for competence in training +ACT is a method to decrease the dependency level on the public funds and diversify activities and projects.  +
AGMA Agency Staff Procurement Project +agency staff procurement process, a joint initiative by several local authorities and agencies  +
ALF (Child Benefit without Application) +Based on a decision of the Austrian Federal Government the project ALF started in December 2014. The project ALF is the first step of the program FABIAN (Family allowances new), which is defined to improve the whole service delivery process for the topic family allowance.  +
ARHiNET +‘ARHiNET’ is a complete solution for archive work, since not only it processes archival records, but also supports all types of documentation on archival material, use and digitalisation of archival records and other associated features.  +
ARPIA +The concept of the project was sharpened through discussions and resulted in the boldly stated: Art with Landscape. During the summer, lots of activities were organised to enlarge the impact of the works of art and to connect them with performance, music, lectures, science, etc. in order to stay contemporary, alive and sometimes even kicking!  +
About People with People - Award for Local Democracy Support and Cooperation with NGOs +a unit organising an award to promote community participation in planning; their approach being transferred to other countries  +
Accréditation des services d'inspection de la direction générale de l'alimentation +certification of administrative processes according to ISO 17020  +
Achieving readiness for prompt recovery of orphan radioactive sources +The general objective of the project is to avoid and mitigate consequences of possible accidents caused by orphan radioactive sources.  +
Action Programme for Large Families – Three Plus Family +The Action Programme for large families: Three Plus Family (Rodzina Trzy Plus) was introduced by the legal Act No. 429/XIX/2012 of 29 March 2012 of Lublin City Council. The programme is addressed to all families residing in the area of the City of Lublin with three or more children up to the age of 18 or 25 (if they are in full-time education).  +
Action strategy +The reduction and proscription of violence as well as the support of victims are central aims of the concept  +
Actions against economic crisis +It is a self-governing autonomous local government, halfway between a city and a region.  +
Administration of public funds allocated for environmental protection and water management using priority programmes +Priority programmes are consistent with Polish and EU legislation, particularly in the areas of managing public funds (permitted public assistance) and environmental goals – section of national economy 22 (water management) and 41 (environment).  +