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Junior personnel promotion is a leadership scheme with distinct advantages in the short, medium and long term. The focus is placed on new personnel, who will be the executives of tomorrow and already have to be recruited today, re-trained and promoted in the long run.

The leadership scheme comprises a junior personnel network (as of 2006), a mentoring system, an alumni network of former junior staff, as well as organisation-wide networking through project work and inhouse accessibility of individual measures. A major pillar of the junior personnel network is the 18-month qualification programme which addresses different levels: a personal level, in order to improve social and methodological competency and an understanding of human behaviour; a group level, in order to promote team building, conflict management and intercultural communication; an organisational level, to convey an understanding of the organisation’s specific goals, structures and procedures and to promote interdepartmental cooperation (dialogue with management, in-house introduction, informational sessions); and an inter-organisational level, to familiarise staff with other organisations, e.g. visits to national public institutions. As another pillar of the junior personnel network, regular get-togethers largely aim towards fostering informal relationships, building mutual confidence and exchanging experience.

Through the mentoring system, the mentors motivate, counsel and support their mentees in a one-to-one relationship that differs from the usual superior/subordinate setup. The mentors receive special schooling on the aims and ideas of mentoring, as well as more in-depth instruction, e.g. on coaching techniques. Drawing on practical experience, the mentors can exchange information on their own approach and suggest improvements to each other. In the ALUMNI network, former junior personnel broaden and deepen their methodological and social competencies, acquire initial leadership abilities and engage in practical interdepartmental project work. Since 2009, interested ALUMNI have been taking part in a series of seminars on leadership and cooperation. This affords them the opportunity in the medium term to prepare for topics such as motivation and leadership, even including reflection on their own personality structure and specific personal leadership potential. As of autumn 2008, individual events in the junior personnel and ALUMNI network are also made available in-house. This enables previously excluded personnel in particular to benefit from a junior personnel network and also facilitates enlarged networking within the ministry. Together with interested personnel, interested network members from the ministry are also involved in interdepartmental in-house projects, e.g. organising events (after-work party, departmental exhibitions) or planning the initial professional job training phase for new personnel.

A survey of personnel, carried out in 2008, revealed that those with a seniority of fewer than five years (that is junior personnel and ALUMNI) are more satisfied with their work, the working atmosphere and cooperation in the organisation than all the others.

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Award category: leadership and change
Award type: submission
Award year: 2009
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Sector: Employment, labour related affairs and gender equality
Type of activity: human resource management
Keywords: Leadership competency, integration, cooperation, junior personnel promotion, social networks, mentor system, ministerial administration
Short English description: The focus is placed on new personnel, who will be the executives of tomorrow and already have to be recruited today, re-trained and promoted in the long run.
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Organisation: German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
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Level of government: local level
Size of organisation: >100
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Country: Germany
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
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