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The Community Decree has compelled all Flemish cities and communities to draw up an integrated strategic long-term planning methodology. The Board of Mayor and Deputy-Mayors as well as the Management Team of the City of Ghent have thus joined forces to formulate a new mission and long-term strategy for the City of Ghent, called Gent 2020. This mission describes what the city should look like by 2020.

The project Gent 2020 examines in a structured way various planning systems and planning mechanisms (strategic planning, financial planning, staff planning, technical planning, ICT planning). The development and implementation of the project was only possible through the permanent cooperation between policy and administration on the one hand, and the different departments and knowledge areas on the other. Thus, intensive cooperation took place between a project team consisting of six different work groups, as well as intensive deliberation with Digipolis, the ICT-partner of the City of Ghent. The implementation of the Gent 2020 project was constantly adapted in accordance to the feedback of the different parties involved in the organisation. This guaranteed that the approach was well accepted during the implementation phase. To this effect, various communication actions have been undertaken such as: integrated information sessions towards various target groups; articles in the staff magazine ‘Moment’; and the workshop ‘Gent 2020 for dummies’, an interactive workshop in which the mission and the strategic long-range planning are translated into simple terms.

The formulated mission statement for up until 2020 forms the basis of the budget cycle and the long-term strategic planning. Gent 2020 is a web application containing the entire municipal strategic longterm planning, directly linked to budgets and staff members. There is a complete integration and application of the strategic planning cycle, the financial cycle and the staff requirements, as well as a formation cycle. At the moment, an integration regarding facility management and IT development is being realised. Furthermore, ‘Gent 2020’ contains a dynamic link to ‘PRINS’ - the Project Inventory System - in which all starting, and current projects are entered and inventoried. In Gent 2020 the projects are planned and budgeted; in PRINS, information can be consulted as regards the project leader, the milestone plan, the project team and the scope.

According to the City’s mission, Ghent - a creative city, which, through an effective combination of all creative forces - plays a leading role in the development of a sustainable, solidary and open society. In order to combine creative forces, one has to let the stakeholders reflect on and participate in the long-term vision. This is happening in the project ‘Ghent about Tomorrow’, a step in the communication and participation project of the mission Gent 2020.

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Award category: leadership and change
Award type: submission
Award year: 2009
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Sector: Public administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reform
Type of activity: cooperation
Keywords: Strategic planning, creative city, ICT
Short English description: The project Gent 2020 examines in a structured way various planning systems and planning mechanisms (strategic planning, financial planning, staff planning, technical planning, ICT planning)
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Organisation: Stad Gent
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Level of government: local level
Size of organisation: >100
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Country: Belgium
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
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