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With over 20 000 state employees, the financial sector plays a substantial role in Baden Württemberg’s administration, in particular with regard to performance. Personnel costs make up 90% of the total costs of the financial sector’s budget. Employee surveys are both an effective tool to introduce processes of change and to asses to what extent the results of the survey have been realised within an organisation. In addition, surveys are an appropriate method for introducing employees’ ideas and proposals for change into the continuous improvement process of the state administration.

Thus, the project ‘electronic employee survey’ has been initiated and carried out by the Ministry of Finance Baden-Württemberg, which is a direct result of Baden-Württemberg’s state administration vision of 1995 describing an ideal and practicable concept for modernising public administration. Three key areas are the main focus of the continuous process: administration as a service provider; cooperative management and working together in an environment based on trust; and shaping operational functions. When Baden-Württemberg adopted the so-called new regulatory procedures in 2001 (NSI, which is an extensive statewide reform), they introduced modern management tools from the business world throughout the State in order to meet the needs of the public administration. One of these tools is the Balanced Scorecard, which is a relatively new performance management tool (Kaplan/ Norton, 1992) for strategic controlling giving executives a complete overview of the efficiency and effectiveness of their organisation. By using this tool the interests of the stakeholders (e.g. clients and employees) and the interests of the organisation (e.g. processes and financing) are fully taken into account. Traditional corporate management, which is typically characterised by financial interests, can now integrate all relevant aspects of the organisation using the Balanced Scorecard. It also means that more concrete and more specific measures can be developed and implemented to achieve set goals. The public administration of Baden- Württemberg added the perspective of the legal mandate (obligations prescribed by law). After a successful Balanced Scorecard pilot project in 2003 in the regional tax office in Stuttgart, the execution of the project was handed over to the staff unit responsible for modernising public administration at the Ministry of Finance in Stuttgart. Since then they have managed the Balanced Scorecard process in 25 tax offices as well as the regional tax office in Karlsruhe, using their acquired know-how.

As an extension of the Balanced Scorecard process, surveys were carried out on customers and employees in order to determine and improve the needs, wishes and satisfaction of the customers and employees wherever deemed necessary. Following this, local customer surveys were carried out by the tax offices and as of autumn 2009 it will be possible for accountants to participate in a nationwide electronic survey under the auspices of Baden-Württemberg’s Ministry of Finance.

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Award category: leadership and change
Award type: submission
Award year: 2009
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Sector: Taxation, customs, finances
Type of activity: e-government
Keywords: Electronic employee survey, management by objectives, identification, information, working atmosphere, professional setting, working conditions, advancement, motivation, management feedback
Short English description: Three key areas are the main focus of the continuous process: administration as a service provider; cooperative management and working together in an environment based on trust; and shaping operational functions
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Organisation: Ministry of Finance Baden-Württemberg
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Level of government: regional level
Size of organisation: >100
Number of people involved:
Country: Germany
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
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