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In 2005 the Project ’ECO Campaign’ was launched, aiming at the development of collective responsibility awareness, uniting economy and ecology. The logo was designed to add a face and personality to the project, and it has been an intermediary within the organisational communication. Throughout its development, the project has become more ambitious and has included the areas of health, wellbeing and social solidarity. A total of 21 actions of the environmental area were carried out, of which the sending of 154 email messages/video messages on rational use of resources: water, electricity, telephone communications, paper and printer toner.

The activities were carried out during theme weeks on water, electricity, air, flora, recycling and sustainable development. As far as economy is concerned, the paradigm of utmost responsibility was adopted, which resulted in individual behaviour change and the consequent reduction of expenditures with telecommunication and paper. Paper recycling was introduced resulting in the collection of 1,6 tonnes of paper waste. On a social level, participation of workers in social and self-growing activities was favoured, such as: national and international goods collection, the sending of 76 kg of books to East Timor, free health checkups, discussion sessions on wellbeing matters, relaxation and ergonomic techniques suitable for the workplace.

Regarding environmental issues the following activities were organised: measuring of air quality of the building; installation of energy-saving air conditioning; annual cleaning of air conditioning filters; extinction of the smoking room; implementation of recycled toners; sending of 184 electronic alert messages with information on rational use of resources; short ‘Green Minute’ videos transmition; acquisition of 13 recycling blue bins for selective paper collection and 10 yellow bins for selective collection of plastic bottles and containers, granting at least the distribution of one bin per floor; protocol with Lisbon Municipality to ensure the door-to-door selective collection of containers; displaying of posters on all floors, within the partnership with VALORSUL recycling company to increase recycling; collection of out-of-date medication within the partnership established with ‘Infante Santo Pharmacy’; distribution of 23 hygiene residue conditioning dispensers.

All activities were assessed through questionnaires to evaluate the level of participation and satisfaction of the participants, who were employees of the organisation. With reference to the economic issues, they took the following actions: adoption of more sustainable behaviour concerning rational use of energetic resources such as electricity, water, telephone; introduction of recycled toners, implementation of environmentallyfriendly attitudes in paper consumption; replacement of all light bulbs by economic light bulbs and all restroom water taps by time-set water taps. Regarding the social issues, they emphasised the collection of books carried out by NGO HELPO to send to East Timor, collection of plastic water bottle caps to buy a wheelchair for a social welfare institution (ARIFA – Association of Retired and Elderly of the civil parish of Amora); and collection of essential goods for institutions of social solidarity.

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Award category: going green
Award type: submission
Award year: 2011
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Sector: Education (higher and lower), training and learning
Type of activity:
Keywords: Environmental, economical and social sustainability, eco-attitudes, ecological habits, collective organisational awareness, sustainable use of resources, recycling, health and welfare organisation, solidarity
Short English description: In 2005 the Project ’ECO Campaign’ was launched, aiming at the development of collective responsibility awareness, uniting economy and ecology.
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Organisation: DGRHE
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Level of government: national level
Size of organisation: >100
Number of people involved: 1-5
Country: Portugal
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
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