EKool – internet based education information system

From EPSA - European Public Sector Award

Diploma winner

Short description of the project

eKool is an easy-to-use information system where pupils, teachers, parents and school management can easily communicate and get information. eKool makes school information accessible for home, decreases teacher's and school manager's routine work and makes statistical data about school accessible to local government. Parents can get accurate information about their child's grades, notifications, attendances and homework. There are class and school forums where they can participate. The project was started because the parents weren't aware of teaching-learning process and the communication between school and home was rare. On the other side schools needed tool for organizing essential information. It was also important to start to provide compendious reports to local municipality.

Current status and future steps for the project

Today eKool is in a rapid development stage:

  1. eKool is developing to other European countries. First schools from abroad are testing eKool at the moment.
  2. Learning materials - eKool develops seamless integration of assignments and learning materials.
  3. Teachers can upload their e-learning materials and compose exercises. Saved exercises can be easily given as an assignment to pupils.
  4. Comprehensive reporting makes possible to track and evaluate results.
  5. Developing e-kindergarten which will be working in the same principals as eKool.
  6. Data will be exchanged with EHIS (Estonian Education Information System) which is administered by Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. Main purpose is to avoid duplication of data and enrich both databases.

Lessons learned

The cooperation between different groups has made the project successful. If the teacher is not filled homework assignments then students will push teacher to fill it. If the list of pupils in the class will contain wrong names, the teachers will demand proper and actual list at once otherwise they can't work. The parents are significant driving force to demand eKool use in school. The local municipality and school managers collect statistical information and do analyses. We would like to stress out the importance of private sector's initiative offering public services as a feasible business model. Cooperation with local municipality offers qualitative services.

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