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Short description of the project

The project is focused on development of e-services to employers and public authorities/employment insurance funds paying social security benefits regarding the administration of PAYE-tax and other work-force related reporting obligations to public authorities. The goal is to coordinate and digitalise the administration across ministries in order to ease administrative burdens. The goal is also achieving a digitalised and more effective administration in the fields of social security benefits, employment policies, work environment regulation etc. via use of a common database and taxonomy regarding information on income and employment for all Danish citizens.

Current status and future steps for the project

Implementation of phase 1 has been succesfull with 6.000 out of 130.000 businesses using the taxonomy and system voluntarily. Preparation for phase 2 is now the main focus. Development project: A cross-ministerial group chaired by the Ministry of Finance presents plan for further development by the end of 2007.

Lessons learned

High level political commitment is necessary in order to achieve major leaps involving a number of institutional and economic interests.

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