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Delta Business Centre is an initiative developed through a privatepublic collaboration system. The agents responsible for the project are the municipal company of the City Council of Viladecans, Vimed SA, the department for economic promotion of the City Council of Viladecans and the private company Promotora Bali, SA. Material and human resources are provided by the private company Promotora Bali, SA. The coordination of the Businesses Centre is carried out by the figure of the Coordinator, who is a staff member of the public company Vimed, SA. This coordination includes preparing agreements, organising events, networking between the companies and the needs of the Delta Business Centre daily activity. The department for economic promotion offers its services to the companies including, amongst others, information and advice customised on legal options, markets, legislation, suppliers, labour, public taxation, subsidies, orientation and support in the procedures for financial support and other incentives, design and preparation of feasibility plans, entrepreneurial training mentoring, creation of groups of business collaboration. Viladecans is a Mediterranean city with 64,000 inhabitants that has a privileged location, being near to the city of Barcelona and directly connected to the airport and the city harbour. During the last decade, different lines of economic development have been promoted, taking advantage of the physical features of the territory (important agricultural area, natural areas and land for offices building). With regard to the agricultural area, the collaboration between the traditional agricultural cooperatives and the University researchers has been promoted, establishing greenhouses and laboratories, with the aim of improving the quality of the agricultural products as well as the productivity of the sector. In relation to the natural areas, the city has made a huge effort for preservation, despite the metropolitan pressure and the proximity to large infrastructures, such as the airport. In this sense, an environmental education has been promoted, also as a business line, by creating a Centre of Fauna Recovery that attracts visitors and contributes to the sustainability of the territory and is also important from the financial point of view.

Regarding the development of the office area, Viladecans has decided to create, through a public-private partnership, an Offices Area which in its first phase provides 35,000 square meters of services for companies. In January 2011 a new space of economic activity has been created inside, as a reinforcement of the public politics for talent attraction and innovation projects. In its 1,782 m² the Business Centre offers to companies a complete catalogue of services such as offices furnished, equipped, with internet connectivity, calls reception and all the necessary services included. The companies have immediate access to, for as long as they require, functional offices, appropriate to their space needs. This offers a lot of advantages, since it is not necessary to make an initial investment and it implies important savings on the monthly costs with regard to a traditional office. The Centre has a co-working area where there are different ‘desks’ sharing an open space and they have the same services as a traditional closed office. Different meeting rooms, conference rooms for meetings, presentations, training, etc. are also at companies’ disposal.

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Award category: smart public service delivery
Award type: submission
Award year: 2011
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Sector: Economic affairs, competition, SME
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Keywords: Business development, private-public collaboration, networking, entrepreneurship, economic promotion
Short English description: This coordination includes preparing agreements, organising events,´networking between the companies and the needs of the Delta Business Centre daily activity.
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Organisation: Municipality of Viladecans
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Level of government: local level
Size of organisation: >100
Number of people involved: >15
Country: Spain
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
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