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In the past, public management of the State Public Employment Service (hereinafter SPES) had many shortcomings since the attention in its offices, as with the Employment office, was always focused on production and on short-term results. The State Public Employment Service is an autonomous body associated with the Ministry of Work and Immigration, which is entrusted with the organisation, development and monitoring of employment policy programmes and measures.

Faced with this fact, in 2005, the SPES undertook the preparation of a Management Plan with the aim of tackling its modernisation. The Plan fundamentally entailed designing a Strategic Human Resource Plan of the SPES, whose ultimate aim was to improve its organisational structure and the labour and remunerative situation of its staff; with the consequent repercussions affecting effectiveness and the level of quality in the provision of services to citizens. Therefore, management courses started to be held for the top managers of each province and the sub directors, as well as for all the Office Managers in order to improve the service to the public. Thus, a Training Plan was designed that considered not just training in technical areas, but also the comprehensive training of individuals, seeking to develop all of their potential (skills or capabilities). In this context, the project ‘Continuous Learning, Leadership Route’ served as a tool for improving the staff’s management skills and abilities. This training model follows the students throughout the learning process, which allows them to evaluate their own rate of progress in putting their knowledge into practice and which stays with them until they succeed in making these new ways of managing a habitual part of their work. The final aim is to cause a change in the organisational culture as far as team management is concerned. The ‘Continuous Learning, Leadership Route’ project is therefore ambitious as the intention is to go on from classroom training to on-the-job training and from one-off training to continuing learning, both for the individual and for the organisation.

The project is part of a new culture in the organisation, which focuses on quality and understands this to be continuing improvement. The training given has resulted in many changes in SPEE; e.g. it has gone from having a traditional management style with a pyramid structure, to being a more horizontal organisation and from being an organisation focusing solely on short-term results to one that, for the first time, focuses on people and developing their potential.

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Award category: leadership and change
Award type: submission
Award year: 2009
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Sector: Employment, labour related affairs and gender equality
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Keywords: Training, employment service, management
Short English description: The project is part of a new culture in the organisation, which focuses on quality and understands this to be continuing improvement
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Organisation: Servicio Publico De Empleo Estatal (State Public Employment Service)
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Level of government: regional level
Size of organisation: >100
Number of people involved:
Country: Spain
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
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