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‘Pozuelo de Alarcón’ is a town located in the northwest of Madrid; it has a population of 83,000 inhabitants and a medium-high socioeconomic level. In line with the European Commission’s view on eGovernment, the city council has launched a local eGovernment plan, through which new applications will be launched to provide new, faster and more accessible services. Other activities are also being considered, such as an information campaign for citizens and the training of staff with the relevant legal, organisational and technical background to comply with this new action plan and the legal framework (both European and national). The final aim is for Pozuelo de Alarcón to offer new and renewed services to citizens and businesses effectively and efficiently. The city council is also helped by the reduction of costs, processing times and mistakes, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity, reduced bureaucracy and reduced use of paper.

The advantages of eGovernment are of such magnitude that its benefits will be quickly spread. Moreover, citizens’ perception of transparency is thus enhanced, as they are now able to know the processing status of their cases. Citizens’ participation is also encouraged, mainly through the use of mailboxes and questionnaires, with the objective of receiving suggestions to simplify administrative procedures. The city council is well aware that the citizen remains at the centre of municipal operations, so it assumes the mission of improving satisfaction through better services. Therefore, ‘Pozuelo de Alarcón’ is building citizen-oriented services with a high degree of accessibility. The use of information and communication technology has opened up new ways of interaction between citizens and public administrations.

In 2004, there was a dysfunctional situation in which each of the departments of the city council responded separately to individual inquiries and complaints from citizens. This precluded a global action and a unique image of the city and resulted in a lack of coordination, the misallocation of human and budgetary resources and, in some cases, even conflicting views on cross-cutting materials. There were no followup consultations. At that time it was not practicable to quantify accurately the number of requests, complaints or inquiries on the same subject or to perform the same correlation with other municipal departments involved.

In 2006, ‘Pozuelo de Alarcón’ began to implement a centralised procedure to receive, distribute, process and monitor all communications which were delivered to the municipal offices via the web or traditional post. At that time, different spokespersons were appointed to be responsible for handling inquiries, complaints and suggestions with an action’s protocol stated in advance. The new ‘Pozuelo de Alarcón’ eGovernment plan attempts to resolve all of these issues with the final objective of becoming a better administration.

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Award category: opening up the public sector
Award type: submission
Award year: 2011
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Sector: Public administration, modernisation, institutional affairs, reform
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Keywords: Development of citizens’ new services
Short English description: The new ‘Pozuelo de Alarcón’ eGovernment plan attempts to resolve all of these issues with the final objective of becoming a better administration.
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Organisation: Pozuelo de Alarcón City Council
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Level of government: local level
Size of organisation: >100
Number of people involved: >15
Country: Spain
EU membership: EU member
Language code: en
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